Setting up a Blog

Setting up a blog is just like building a base for your upcoming success story. This Success Story comes just not with free servicing but also earning ample of currency and earn more n more money. So now let’s start with the blog building.

Step 1: Get Started

The entire process of getting you blog setup to live blog is a journey of just 20 minutes. Before we start blogging there are two things we need to do:

  1. Pick a Domain

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You can choose a Domain of our own choice. Example: for this blog the domain is, anywhere in the web you type you default come to this site only. Same way of your choice you can choose a domain from and book it. Good names are unique and descriptive. Basically describes your motive of blogs and your work. Another option for domain name is simply use your name. Many of the top bloggers use their own name as their domain name.

Once you are done with the name now it’s time for extension selection. .com is the gold selection as well as most preferred choice for the selection. .net, .org are also preferred for extension selection. .us or .biz are some of the uncommon extensions and away staying from these extensions are mostly preferable.

  1. Choose a web Host

A web host is a company that stores all of the files for your blog and delivers them to the user when they type in your domain name. You must have a web host in order to have a blog.

There are number of web host you can choose, but my recommendation for your blog is jkcsolutions. I have been using this jkcsolutions web-host since long and I am very happy with its performance as well as its all time(24/7) support. Choosing a bad hosting leads to worst results in blog as its up time effects your targeted customers. I am happy with and I recommend this to use for all bloggers as well as my friends.

There are number of web host you can choose, but we recommend you for a blog J K Computers. We are in to this web host since long and we provide 24×7 support. Choosing a bad hosting leads to worst results in blog as its up time effects your targeted customers. You will be happy with and we recommend this to use for all bloggers as well as all you friends.

Step 2: Set up your Blog

Once you purchase your unique Domain as well as Hosting for blog you can now start installing WordPress so that you can start your blog.

One of the way to install WordPress on Web Hosting is as follows:

  • After purchasing Linux hosting, go to cPanel and under that go to web applications and click on WordPress.
  • Top right there will be an option for install this application, click on that.
  • Now select the Domain you want for the blog which you have purchased and accept WordPress license.
  • Now give Administrative Username, Password, Email, and Website Title as per your choice.
  • Now click on Install and you will be ready for the blog process

You have successfully installed WordPress.

Step 3: Get Started

After installation of WordPress, you can now start by logging in it.

Logging IN

1: Go to the link of your domain name/wp-admin. For example: and enter Admin username and password.

2: Once you are logged in you will be in the WordPress administrative area.

Blogging is all about writing so now let’s learn how we can write and go ahead.

3: After logging go to post and click on add new post. On that page you will be able to see default post as Hello world. You can delete that by clicking on trash.

4: Now click on add new you can add title as well as content of the blog and after that on the right hand side click on Publish so that everyone can see on the domain URL.

Now your blog is ready and it’s live as well.

Step 4: Start Blogging

Finally !!! we have reached the stage where we can have fun and enjoy blogging.

Steps to successful Blog are:

  1. Proper Blog Setup
  2. Fabulous Content
  3. Marketing

1.Proper Blog Setup:

There are hundreds of thing we can do to set up our blog. Remember only writing is not a blog that makes it successful but its appearance and structured format that makes reader take a look hundreds of time makes it successful.

I can’t emphasize enough that the steps I have already shown you are more than sufficient. If you want to make more changes in the future that is fine, but don’t get hung-up on thinking that everything needs to be perfect before you start blogging, because your blog will always be a work in progress.

2.Fabulous Content:

Content is that precious thing in the Blog that blog is incomplete or almost it’s not a blog without the content. If no one wants to read what you are writing about then your blog won’t be very successful.

One of the most common way for content writing is question answer format. Below some other ways for Blog content write-ups:

  • List Format
  • Tips
  • Recommendations
  • Keep reviews for improvement and further demanded queries and questions.
  • Photos
  • Link Roundup
  • Current upcoming Event
  • Contest
  • Podcast
  • Video
  • Quotes
  • Point/ Counterpoint. Debate session



Even if you setup your blog properly and create great content, there is no guarantee that anyone will ever see it. Because of this, marketing your blog correctly is a requirement if you want to be a successful blogger.

There are numerous way of marketing. In the next step will guide you the best way for marketing which will not only help you as well as make money for you.

Step 5: Promote Your Blog

Promoting your blog is just like lion’s share where at a right place get’s you perfect and targeted people. Many of the amazing blogger’s lack in promoting and due to that we don’t know the best blog available in the market.

Golden rule for promoting is not to be shy at all. Some people say that they don’t told about their blog because of some reasons. I would like to say that whatever it is like blog is not set or there are not enough blogs for telling people than also you have taken time to write so you should tell people. Everything that is successful started with first which was unstructured but still today it has reached a place called successful blog.

How we promote our blog in returns it gives us the same result. Most of the ways for promoting are usually free. Following are the methods for promoting the blog:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social networking
  • Commenting on other Blogs
  • Links to other blogs
  • Guest Posting
  • Frequent Posting

Since now you have learnt how to promote it’s time to learn how we can earn more money. In the next step we will learn how to make maximum money.

Step 6: Make Money Blogging

Making money is just like how powerful you are in marketing. More you market more people visit your site. As the number of visitors increase the marketing product comes to you for marketing and here once you start adding you can charge them and earn more and more money.

One of the best and wanted way to earn through blog is just by allowing adds to run. If you want that people or your visitors should visit your page again and again just keep a track of who are coming and always pin them by message or email whenever you post a new blog. Do ask visitors their interest and give them white light for all the queries and scope of interest.

Keep in mind that making money from your blog takes time. After all, there is a reason that learning how to make money from a blog is the last step in my guide. You need to make sure you have followed all the previous steps perfectly in order to give yourself the best chance of earning a substantial income from blogging. This will not happen overnight, but most bloggers find that the work itself is rewarding enough to continue on the journey.

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  • This blog has helped me a lot to set up and absolutely all steps are correct. Following step by step i just created blog within some time. Thank a lot.

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