Biometric Attendance System

Biometrics Attendance System is one of the most critical solutions for enterprises looking forward to eliminating the increased risk of identity fraud. They are automated methods of verifying or recognizing the identity of a living person based on some physiological characteristics, like a fingerprint or face pattern, or some aspects of behaviour, like handwriting or keystroke patterns.

Using biometric characteristic is the only way to guarantee the presence of the owner when a transaction is made. Fingerprint-based systems have been proven to be effective in protecting information and resources in a large area of applications.

Before a biometric system can be used for verification/identification, all the users must be enrolled. Enrolment involves the individual giving a sample of his/her biometric characteristic which is used by the system to generate a compact model (or template) summarizing the discriminant features.

Biometrics identification software

The technology is mainly used for identification and access control, or for identifying individuals who are under surveillance. The range of biometric software development services offered by the company includes:

  • Mobile Biometric Substantiation using face and voice recognition features for biometric match and fraud detection data.
  • Web Browser-Based Biometric solutions to seamlessly record biographic information, fingerprints and clear face images.
  • SDKs-Based Biometrics
  • Cloud-Based Biometrics identification to leverage the benefits of the biometric face and fingerprint image verification, matching, and registration.

Aspects where Biometrics

  • Government
  • Work Force Management
  • Healthcare
  • Banking

Time Attendance Software

The use of a right time attendance software/ attendance management system can save your company a great deal of time and reduce errors that are often made by wrong attendance calculations. Save efforts, save time and thus Save money with a robust Web based Time Attendance Software.

What is Attendance Management System?

Time attendance is a basic HR process affecting everyone and critical as a basic input to payroll processing. Each month a lot of HR time is spent collecting and reconciling attendance data before payroll can be correctly processed. Attendance software gives you the ability to collect data from multiple sources and track your employees time and attendance automatically as per the company rules and policies. 

Key Benefits of Biometric Attendance System

  • Anytime Anywhere Access.
  • Configurable User Rights management.
  • Quick and Easy data imports and exports.
  • Access time records through internet.
  • Staff satisfaction is achieved.
  • Elimination of troublesome paper time-cards/manual attendance registers.
  • Effortless migration of approved time data to payroll.
  • In-depth, precise and accurate reporting system.
  • Eliminates time fraud incidences.
  • Safe from Influence
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