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e-Digital Campus (eDC) Solution is a Solution that digitizes the entire institutes and school functioning. From tracking students, managing their reports, sending notifications, sharing the almanac, school events to much more. Everything just at the ease of your computer and a few clicks.

e-Digital Campus (eDC) with RFID card based solution provides candidates security and safety in and out of the campus.

e-Digital Campus (eDC) connects all the stakeholders on a common platform:





Live Tracking of the school bus ensures child safety from all the perspective. School bus carries children to the school on a regular basis, and it’s incumbent on the schools to enable their students to reach school safely. For this, the school authorities, including management, drivers and help-staff should be brought into purview of the rules, which make safety
mandatory. Thus, school buses are responsible for the safety of children – right from bringing them from home to school, and taking them back home safely.

Features of e-Digital Campus: Live School Tracking

  • Admin portal has tracking module where students actual location can be displayed.
  • It shows the transaction track along with actual time.
  • Parents app can send the push notification of the service taken and attendance.
  • Admin can see the history of student location.
  • Admin can see the most utilised service & do LIVE TRACKING of Student in the Campus.
  • Restricted zone alerts are given for the student safety.

Features of e-Digital Campus: Web Admin

  • User Registration
  • Service Provider Registration
  • Assign RFID Card to Student
  • Assign Services
  • Online Payment
  • Payment Summary Report
  • Loads Balance of the Student against RFID card
  • Parents App for Attendance, Card Transaction
  • Dashboard (Graphical Representation)
  • Email / SMS alerts
  • Reports

Features of e-Digital Campus: Mobile App

  • User Login
  • View Service Summary
  • View Service Charges
  • View Balance
  • Online fee Payment
  • Attendance
  • Online Student Card Recharge
  • Deactivate the Account
  • Email / SMS Alerts

More About e-Digital Campus

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