Smart Card

Smart card solutions leads to broad adoption within the last two decades. Today, billions of smart cards provide easy access to public transportation, are used as secure tokens for payment solutions or protect the card holder’s personal identity in electronic identity documents, and facilitate government services.

The crucial part on this smart card is printing the personal secure data like thumb print, unique aadhar card detector, etc. needs to be very safe and secure and must fit into the scanning chip of smart card.

All these secure data is put by JKC for smart usage of smart card and makes public use of smart card easy in all surroundings.

We help you to find solutions to their requirements, often using standard off-the-shelf components, but with the option of specially-sourced hardware, bespoke software and technical consultancy services where needed.

Some of the areas that we specialize in are:

  •  Converged access

We are uniquely placed to help you combine multiple smart card technologies into a single ‘hybrid’ card or device, for both IT and physical security. Also, door access control systems are now moving rapidly towards the use of IP technology and real-time communications between doors and servers, with Dot Origin leading the way.

  • Smart card based IT security

Smart cards can be used within many aspects of IT security including secure ‘two-factor’ PC logon, disk encryption, email and document signing, and remote access. Dot Origin offers a wide range of smart card-based security solutions and can advise and assist with implementation.

  • IP door access

We have combined its knowledge of the smart card industry with the benefits of key partnerships in the access control market to offer a range of IP-based physical access products and solutions. These are primarily aimed at making physical access affordable, easier to install and more closely connected with the IT network.

  • Contactless and NFC technology

The use of contactless and RFID technology has grown from ticketing and logistics to include other applications such as payment, identity and security, and is now available on mobile phones with NFC. We works with key players in these markets to source new and innovative products and develop solutions to aid integration.

  • Digital tachographs

Today Transport Department in India implemented Driving License projects which provides smart cards to store drivers Personal Information, vehicle information data in a driver’s smartcard. We are a leading developer and supplier of equipment and smart card solutions.


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