Maximize the benefits from Cloud Computing through Hybrid Cloud Solutions

JKC can implement Hybrid Cloud solutions for businesses wishing to operate in a Private Cloud environment but need to be able to accommodate spikes in usage, therefore have the ability to access public cloud when necessary. During peak times, a Hybrid Cloud will draw on public cloud resources to meet the infrastructure demand.

In a Hybrid Cloud environment, customized rules and policies govern areas such as security and the underlying infrastructure, with tasks allocated to internal or external clouds as necessary.

Hybrid Cloud Benefits

  • The Ability to Leverage Both Public and Private Cloud: By intermixing private and public cloud infrastructures, companies are able to leverage the best of what both have to offer. The hybrid model allows businesses to rely on the cost-effective public cloud for non-sensitive operations and on the private cloud for critical, particularly sensitive operations.
  • Enhanced Agility: Rather than being pigeonholed into one model or the other, hybrid cloud grants companies enhanced agility to move seamlessly between the two. Hybrid cloud has emerged as a new, more disruptive, powerful and economical way of delivering IT services than the traditional hardware-bound, premise-bound model.
  • Overall Cost Savings: With Hybrid Cloud, companies can enjoy seamless scaling by allocating resources for immediate projects at a much lower cost instead of using local IT infrastructure when needed.


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