Backup and Data Recovery


Company data is one of your most valuable assets. The backup of your company data is the single most important task within any organisation that must be monitored and managed on a daily basis. JKC not only manages the backup process, we also regularly test the integrity of the backups to ensure the restoration of your data is possible in the time of an accidental deletion or in the event of a complete data downfall.

We offer safe and secure onsite and offsite backup solutions. Onsite backups are performed to a client’s site network attached storage device and then replicated to our local secure data centre. The time between each backup is dependent on the client’s requirements but can be as frequent as every 15 minutes.

Data Recovery

JKC will assist your business in developing an effective Data Recovery Plan (DRP) to aid the recovery and protection of your businesses IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. Given the dependence on information technology systems to effectively manage operations, a DRP is a vital in a business of any size. The objective of the DRP is to minimise downtime and loss of data.

JKC can advise your business on the most effective strategies and business policies to enable fast and easy restoration of data which are vital to business continuity.


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