Software Licensing

JKC’s offer Software licensing with both technology and the business process know-how to design, implement, and manage a software licensing system that not ensures end-user compliance, but also improves business operations company-wide.

However, purchasing software that meets the varying needs for your organization can prove complex, confusing and resource intensive.

Versatility means using the software anywhere, anytime, on any machine, by any authorized user. Manageability demands the need to control, audit and report on license usage. They may also want to reserve a license for a specific user in order to guarantee access when needed.

Software Licensing Solutions allow your organization to leverage on our close strategic relationships with various software vendors, ensuring you get the most value from your software budget, in one place.

  • License & entitlement delivery
  • Service activation and Authorization
  • License or service agreement renewal and upgrade processes
  • Best Costing for volume licensing

Understanding your needs and giving you accurate solution for all software will help your business to save money. Most off-the-shelf software packages come with a single-user only license, and thus if you want more than one person in your company to use the software you would have to purchase multiple copies, which can work out expensive. By purchasing a different type of license such as a multi-user license or a site license you can save a significant amount of money.

Types of software licenses

  • Single-user licenses

Most off-the-shelf software comes with a single-user license that, as the name suggests, permits the software to be used by a single user on a single computer.

  • Multiple-user licenses

Unsurprisingly a multiple-user license allows more than one person to use the software. The permitted amount of users will be specified in the license, together with any other terms.

  • Site licenses

A site license allows anyone on your business premises to use the software.

Why are software licenses important?

Some business ignoring software licencing land you in some serious trouble. Computer software can be expensive and some organisations believe that they can ‘get away’ with ignoring software-licensing terms and do things such as installing software on multiple computers when the license is for a single-user only. Using software outside of the license terms is classed as piracy and it may lead to data hacking through bugs and may lead to data loss or misuse of data.

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